Our Mantra:

Facilitating achievement of corporate & institutional objectives through Education and Consulting services, focused on Disruptive 21st century technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IoT & Cloud Computing, Analytics including Predictive, Big & Little Data Analytics, Digital Business, Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies.


Corporate education and knowledge dissemination.

Consulting services, focused on attainment of organizational and departmental goals.

Facilitating adoption and implementation of 21st century disruptive technologies that would give your business the needed competitive edge.

In-Focus Domains

  • Big Data, Little Data, Predictive Analytics
  • Disruptive technologies like AI, Deep Learning & IoT
  • Cloud Computing Services & Apps
  • Digital Business, Ecommerce, Social Media Strategies and Analytics
  • Application of Disruptive Techs. like Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in Marketing & Gaming.

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