Use Cases

A random selection of Case Studies

Mid market Freight & Forwarding organization:

Concern Areas: Marketing, Customer Support, BI, Info Dissemination.

Supplemental Efforts : Digital Media, Website, CRM Systems.

Significant results visible in a year's time.

Complete details can be viewed on
Digital CRM's Blog: Case Study - Usage of Digital Assets

A Tale of Two Major Commercial Airlines

Concern Areas: Customer Support, PR, Info Dissemination, Crisis Management.

Supplemental Efforts: Appropriate usage of a variety of Social Media networks.

An illustration of Do's & Don'ts - What Works and What Doesn't

Significant Impacts, Positive & Negative, observed in the two instances.

Complete details can be viewed at
Digital CRM's Blog: A Tale of Two Airways


Gain insights about shopper behaviour, buying patterns & preferences through the application of Analytics in a retail environment.

Concern Areas: Sales, Inventory, Seasonal Patterns, Customer Loyalty, Ordering

Supplemental Efforts: Usage of Analytics to understand Buyer Behaviour, Preferences, Path to purchase and improve on Branding, Stocking, Choices, Customer Loyalty & Sales.

The importance of key metrics and the usage of Analytics tools & apps to help meet key corporate objectives & goals.

Changes effected as a result of the study brought about significant improvements in the desired outcome areas.

Complete details can be viewed on
Digital CRM's Blog: Case Study - Channel Analytics & Shopper Insights