Management Skills & Practices in the Era of Disruptive Technologies

Program Background

The year 1995, which marked the advent of the Internet and enabled digital communications is said to have ushered in the ‘new economy’. Over two decades later, this disruption has brought about a number of lasting changes in economic terms as well as management approaches towards communications and business problem-solving.

The Industrial Revolution, sometimes referred to as the ‘First Machine Age’, enabled humans to overcome the limitations of their own muscle power. Increasingly, humans became complements to the machines in churning out a product. The Second Machine Age, which we are experiencing right now, has brought about major disruptions in businesses by introducing cognitive technologies which complement the mental faculties and existing capabilities of professionals and managers.

As existing processes and tasks get taken over by algorithms, software programs and robots, managers and professionals at various levels, including those in the C-Suite, need to relearn and work out the new reasons for their existence in the organization and the various ways in which they can complement these disruptive technologies which have come in, add value and remain relevant. They also need to understand the tasks that these cognitive technologies can take over and do well. For the benefit of the organization as well as for their own good, they must quickly come to understand and appreciate how they can treat these ‘Intelligent Machines’ as colleagues and draw on their capabilities and expertise rather than treat them as competitors and potential threats to their own continuance in the organization.Management in the second machine age differs, in several ways, from classical management across various functional areas and business domains. This course is fairly unique in helping to understand the functioning of cognitive technologies and the new management concepts and practices which complement the disruptive influence of these tools and technologies.
Primary Program Faculty

Raja Mitra has significant operational & leadership experience in Operations, Marketing & Business Development, Project Mgmt. & Customer support for corps. like Bull, Olivetti, an IBM Subsidiary as well as for medium-sized enterprises & start-ups in APAC.

He has considerable experience in deploying Infocomm products & services in domains like Banking, Manufacturing & Distribution. Clients include HP, Oracle, Amex, State Bank of India, SMC Corp. & major publishing groups. In his leadership roles he drove partnerships with Microsoft & IBM ASEAN, for organisations he was working for, at the time. He has been one of the faculties for in-house train-the-trainer programs in MNCs that he has worked for.

He is a co-founder of Digital CRM which is focused on value-added corporate education and training and consulting in the domains of digital business, analytics and key disruptive technologies.Raja has a Masters in Business Management from IIM, Calcutta and a Bachelors in Engineering (B.Tech.) from IIT Kharagpur.