AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Program Background

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the technologies that drive automated reasoning, learning, decision making and perception have already pervaded our lives both in our homes and our workplaces.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used in our phones, our cars, even some of our home devices, to learn and anticipate our needs. They are also used for a wide variety of web services such as e-mail filtering, data querying and map navigation that we use every day. Soon AI will operate our driverless cars, manage the comfort and security of our homes and facilitate our communications with the global information network.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are also ubiquitous in the workplace. They power robots that can learn to operate on factory floors or predict which machines need maintenance. They power software tools can match digital ads to users or plan whole marketing campaigns. They can match resumes to jobs, and predict sales and profits. They help doctors make diagnoses, or lawyers prepare for cases. They are already making a big difference in many different domains, including, but not limited to, publishing, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare, sports management and a host of other services. Knowledge of AI and Machine Learning, their current capabilities and limitations, and also their future potential is essential for every business that wants thrive and grow in this new millennium.
Primary Faculty - Dr. Debashis Guha

Debashis Guha

Dr. Debashis Guha is an expert in quantitative analytics and machine learning and has over two decades of experience in these domains..

He has held leadership positions at U.S. hedge funds, and at research firms in NYC, where he advised financial institutions like Met-Life & Bank of America. He has been a consultant on data-based modeling and forecasting, to MNCs like DuPont and Caterpillar, and to central banks & govts., such as the Ministry of Finance, Spain, Banco de Mexico and Bank Indonesia. He is the founder of a Bangalore, India based data analytics company.

He has taught at the University of Texas and Columbia University and ASCI India and is an Adjunct Professor for the SP Jain School of Global Management, India.

Debashis Guha has a Ph.D. from Columbia University , and a B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engg. from IIT, Kharagpur.