Digital Business, Social Media & Analytics, VR & AR

Program Background

The importance of digital business, e-commerce and online marketing in the second decade of the 21st century cannot be overstated.

Leveraging this whole new world effectively to provide greater ballast to the organization’s strategy is an aspect many managers and professionals are still to come to terms with. The grammar of conventional marketing is being rewritten in the digital world and even core concepts like the 4Ps of marketing have evolved to a different set of precepts in the world of digital business. Understanding the fundamental concepts and the dynamics of e-commerce and aligning it with the organisation’s business goals and strategies thus holds the key to successful implementation of a digital business roadmap.

It is equally important to understand the growing importance of data-driven decision making in the world of digital business and comprehending how best to leverage social media and interpret social media analytics to fine-tune strategies and undertake course corrections, if needed, often holds the key to eventual success.Newly emerging technologies continue to act as a force multiplier in digital business and disruptive technologies like augmented and virtual reality are poised to make a major impact in the functional areas of marketing, customer support and gaming among others. Understanding their basics & applicabilities thus assumes importance in the world of e-commerce.
Primary Faculty - Raja Mitra

Raja Mitra

Raja Mitra has significant operational & leadership experience in Operations, Marketing & Business Development, Project Mgmt. & Customer support for corps. like Bull, Olivetti, an IBM Subsidiary as well as for medium-sized enterprises & start-ups in APAC.

He has considerable experience in deploying Infocomm products & services in domains like Banking, Manufacturing & Distribution. Clients include HP, Oracle, Amex, State Bank of India, SMC Corp. & major publishing groups. In his leadership roles he drove partnerships with Microsoft & IBM ASEAN, for organisations he was working for, at the time. He has been one of the faculties for in-house train-the-trainer programs in MNCs that he has worked for.

He is a co-founder of Digital CRM which is focused on value-added corporate education and training and consulting in the domains of digital business, analytics and key disruptive technologies.Raja has a Masters in Business Management from IIM, Calcutta and a Bachelors in Engineering (B.Tech.) from IIT Kharagpur.