IOT Cloud Computing

Program Background

In the second machine age era which is upon us, rapid technological developments and innovations and their quick adoption by businesses and institutions are becoming the norm. These technologies will often spell the difference for businesses between overall viability and growth on the one hand and extinction on the other, owing to their inability to cope with the competition.

Disruptive technologies, applied innovatively and appropriately, together with data driven decision-making, holds the key for organizations to keep their noses ahead of the competition, in the frantic dash for the customer’s vote of confidence.

Internet of Things (IoT) & Cloud computing has been regularly featuring on the most talked-about list of disruptive technologies put out by established analysts and market researchers. Cloud computing is increasingly being adopted by enterprises as well as small businesses, leading to a move away from the traditional way of private Data Center based IT Infrastructure planning. IoT is increasingly in use by various industries, including, but not limited to, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare and a host of other services. It is one of the integral technologies used by ‘smart cities’.

IoT and Cloud Computing are enabling businesses to have access to volumes and varieties of data, hitherto unimaginable, facilitating data driven decision-making using Big Data and Predictive Analytics. With availability and scalability a given, both IoT & Cloud Computing are being increasingly embraced both by large corporations as well as startups, small and medium businesses.
Primary Faculty - Subhamoy Chakraborti

Subhamoy Chakraborti

Subhamoy Chakraborti has extensive experience in devising Digital, Mobile, Cloud & Data based solutions for the BFSI segment. He has worked in the product engineering space for a good part of his career and has devised and implemented technology roadmaps for Financial Institutions in the Cloud & Mobility space. He has worked for Oracle and has been engaged as a consultant with enterprises like Microsoft, Cisco, Motorola, Toshiba & Fujitsu. He has also worked with corps like JPMorgan Chase & Credit Suisse as well as with Indian Financial Services & General Insurance organizations, focusing on Digital Strategy, Operations Transformation & Credit automation. He has also been pursuing his research work in the domains of IoT & Security.

Subhamoy has a post-graduation in Computer Science from the Indian Statistical Institute and a graduation in Engineering. He has also participated in a MDP on Innovation Management by Harvard Business School.