Predictive Analytics

Program Background

Analytics is an essential skill needed to run your business successfully. Common applications of analytics include the study of business data using mathematical & statistical analysis to discover and understand patterns which will help predict & improve business performance in the future. Analytics is an integral part of most businesses, and most successful entrepreneurs and business managers have generally been analysts in their own right, even if the analysis they have been doing has largely been intuitive.

It was projected, sometime during 2013, that 90% of the world's data had been created during the preceding two years going back from that date. This equation is generally true of every year since then. Such an avalanche of data was unimaginable even a decade ago. However, despite the decreasing cost of data and the advances in analytics and forecasting methods, many businesses still lack the ecosystem, talent and training to exploit this availability to their advantage. With the right analytical tools and algorithms applied to the relevant volumes of data, Predictive, Big Data and even Little Data analytics contribute greatly towards improving the accuracy of projections, forecasts and answers to strategic questions. Forecasts, projections and answers. based on hunches and intuitive analysis alone, would no longer deliver the competitive edge businesses need to survive and thrive.

Primary Faculty - Dr. Abhijit Sanyal

Abhijit Sanyal

Dr. Abhijit Sanyal is a professional with extensive experience in marketing strategy, market research, the domains of Big Data & Predictive Analytics, Data mining, Machine learning, Product positioning & Segmentation.
His expertise spans domains like Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Retail, CPG, Telecom, Wireless, Entertainment and Media, Web and Internet.

He has held leadership and analytical roles as V.P., Director & Lead Data Scientist at Oliver Wyman, Mercer, WPP, IBM & other cos. Clients handled include Amex, Fidelity Investments, Disney & Facebook among others. He is currently the V.P. (Data Science) for a U.S. based startup in the Media and Entertainment domain.

Abhijit has a Ph.D. in Marketing & Quantitative methods from the University of Massachusetts, did his Masters in Business Management from IIM Calcutta and graduated in Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, India.