'R' and Python Programming for Data Science, Analytics & AI

Program Fees: 44,000

Early Bird: 39,600 (after 10% discount)

Program Dates: To be announced ( 5 full days 9 am - 6 pm )

Program Venue: India (further details to be communicated after registering interest)

Why Learn 'R' and Python

    • Gaining a good conceptual & application understanding of the two most popular & widely used languages in the domains of Data Science & Analytics, Machine Learning and AI.
    • Learning the two most used languages for developing easily readable, elegant code which looks like rudimentary English or simple Mathematics. 
    • Improving productivity as both ‘R’ and Python allow the programmer to code quickly. Owing to their agile design and flexibility, they are used by enterprises for a variety of applications, including web development.
    • Opening up career opportunities in the fast growing & highly rewarding domains of  Analytics, AI, Machine Learning & Robotics.

    Key takeaways for participants:

    1. Equipping oneself for a rewarding career in the rapidly growing domains of Analytics, AI and machine learning.

    2. Stepping into the exciting world of programming and exploring the many career opportunities available to a software developer by learning two relatively simple, high-demand languages.

    3. Learning the two most popular languages used widely in a variety of contemporary applications currently.

    Faculty - Dr. S. Das

    Dr. Das graduated in Electrical Engineering and has subsequently done his Ph.D. in the same discipline, after doing his post-graduation in Control Systems.

    He has several years of industry experience and is currently an Asst. Professor in the Department of Data Science for a private University, where, among various subjects, he has also been involved in teaching ‘R’.

    He has a number of published papers in the domains mentioned to his credit and is a visiting scientist at the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), involved in the areas of Statistical Quality Control & Operations Research. His research interests include Data Analytics, Stochastic Systems and Real-time Systems.