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Our Key Differentiators

What are our strengths and differentiators from generic competition?


Generic Competition consists of:

  • Social Media Management organizations.
  • Developers of Sites
  • SEO / SEM Consultants
  • Orgns. selling various tools, apps & ERP solutions
  • Organizations promoting Analytics tools, Services

We focus on:

1. Holistic approach, aligned with corporate goals, objectives & strategies - not platform, network or apps specific.

2. Practitioner business consulting model complements organization objectives, goals & targets in Marketing, Sales, Customer Loyalty, Customer Support, HR, BI & PR - it is an organization-wide initiative & not a silo approach.

3. Helping the organization/institution transform to a 'social business' by facilitating throughout the entire journey, including governance policies, skill development at various levels, milestone mapping and integration across locations and functional areas.

4. The A-team's background & experience of CEO, COO, CMO, CXO level key priorities, concerns & pains.

Raja Mitra,
Mar 21, 2015, 5:58 PM