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Program - Analytics

Sustained Competitiveness Using Analytics for Functional Managers

Program Overview

This program is focused on giving divisional heads and functional managers the necessary understanding and appreciation of the different types of data and the different types of analytics, together with the implications of each. It will equip them with the needed insights about how best to use internal and external analytics to obtain answers to key questions and improve their projection and forecasting abilities, thus enhancing their competitive edge as professionals.

The program covers concepts, frameworks, examples and case-studies from market leading companies to highlight how many of them are using analytics to gain new insights which would in turn provide that much-needed competitive advantage.

Key Takeaways for Participants:

1. Gain a good understanding and appreciation of why Big Data, Little Data and Predictive  Analytics are among the most significant disruptive technologies for 21st century businesses.

2. Obtain valuable insights about how Analytics is being used by businesses to build and sustain competitive edges, improve the accuracy of projections and increase efficiencies.

3. Understand how to frame problems and use appropriate Analytical models in sectors as diverse as Hospitality, Tourism, Healthcare, Distribution, Financial Tech., Retail, Publishing, Insurance, Technology, Public Sector Institutions and Statutory Boards to obtain answers.

Faculty: Dr. Abhijit Sanyal

Professional with extensive experience in marketing strategy, market research, the domains of Big Data & Predictive Analytics, Data mining, Machine learning, Product positioning & Segmentation.

Expertise spans domains like Health Care & Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Retail, CPG, Telecom, Wireless, Entertainment and Media, Web and Internet.

Leadership analytical roles as V.P., Director & Lead Data Scientist at Oliver Wyman, WPP, IBM & other cos. Clients include Amex, Fidelity Investments, Disney & Facebook among others.

An engineering graduate and a MBA from premier institutes together with a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

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Faculty: Raja Mitra

Significant operational & leadership experience in Operations, Marketing & Business Dev.,  Channel Mgmt., Project Mgmt. & Customer support for cos. like Bull, Olivetti, IBM Subsidiary as well as medium-sized enterprises &  start-ups in APAC.

Extensive experience in managing Infocomm products & services. Clients included HP, Oracle, Amex, State Bank of India & major publishing groups among others. Forged  partnerships with Microsoft & IBM, ASEAN, for enterprises.

Engaged in Corporate Education & Strategic Consulting in Digital and Online Marketing incl. Social Media Management, Analytics & Disruptive  Technologies.

An engineering graduate and a MBA from premier institutes.

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