Programs with Advance SCS

With increased competition and tougher business conditions, 21st century business corporations and organizations are forever striving to gain a competitive edge, boost productivity and achieve greater cost efficiency. As always, they are striving to make business projections and forecasts more accurate. 

Disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Big Data Analytics are today being used by a large no. of organizations, big and small, to achieve these objectives.  The functional manager and professional is required to play a significant role in the choice of these applications and in the execution of any cognitive technologies project undertaken in the domains of Business Development, Marketing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, HR or Customer Service because it is he/she who needs to identify the priorities, the queries and the concerns for a department, a division or for the organization as a whole. To do so, it is essential that the concerned manager or professional understands the fundamentals of these technologies and the many ways in which they can be deployed.

We have three unique programs designed just for the purpose. In addition to educating participants in the fundamentals and the various specialized subsets of AI & Analytics, two of these programs also teach participants the most appropriate programming language needed to develop applications in-house, using the knowledge gained. No prior programming knowledge is needed to pick up these easy-to-learn programming languages. 

The best-of-breed faculty for these programs use a tutorial and case-study based approach to ensure that participants not only understand the basics of AI or Analytics at the end of each program but are able to apply it for various projects. They will also be well equipped to interact with Data Scientists & Engineers as well as external vendors offering apps for your organization's identified priority or concern areas.

Doing any two of these programs equips the functional manager or the tech. professional with the complete array of knowledge needed in the cutting-edge cognitive tech. domains of AI & Analytics. Alternates in the marketplace are typically courses of much longer duration which also work out to be considerably more expensive for the participant. 

Our ever-growing list of clients includes banks & financial institutions, manufacturing organizations, technology, infocomm, software development, ITES and service provider companies, together with aerospace, distribution and logistics business entities among several others.  

To take a small dive into the world of the hottest cognitive technologies, watch the video just below and listen in to the webinar in the video further down.

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