Programs with Advance SCS

These 3 programs are complementary and can initiate professionals, executives and  managers into the exciting world of cognitive technologies, fronted by analytics and machine learning in many organizations, during the era of the second machine age which is upon us now. Depending on one's interest, orientation and assigned responsibilities, doing at least any two out of these three programs will equip a person sufficiently to conceive and oversee the execution of projects in the domains of analytics, machine learning and deep learning. The value-added course content teaches participants both the theoretical fundamentals as well as the applications across several domains through examples and use cases. The faculty comprises of the best-of-breed professionals in these domains. 

Our ever-growing list of clients includes banks & financial institutions, manufacturing organizations, technology, infocomm, software development, ITES and service provider companies, together with aerospace, distribution and logistics business entities among several others.  

For FAQs and their answers about these programs, check out the videos below.

Fundamentals of AI - Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics

Fundamentals of Analytics with R Programming

The R and Python Programming Bootcamp