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The Significance of Smart Search and Big Data Analytics for Businesses

 Tool/ Widget/ App Used
 Domain     Key Benefits
Training Programs and Workshops for Operational Mgmt, Executives & Professionals
 Overview of & Benefits of implementing :
1. Disruptive Technologies
2. Digital Business, E-commerce
3. Analytics, including Big Data, Little Data & Predictive Analytics.
 Adoption and Implementation of appropriate Disruptive Techs. & Digital Business and Online Marketing & E-commerce Strategies & ToolsTraining, Consulting Improve effectiveness internally & externally, enhance productivity, generate necessary Business Intelligence for attainment of objectives and corporate goals.
 Predictive Analytics & Big Data Analytics, Adoption & Implementation Strategy,

 Consulting, Training
Tools, Apps, Data Lakes, 4Vs of Data, Strategic Queries based on Data Analytics, Use of Predictive Analytics and Big Data and Little Data for Answers to Concerns.